Start with Being Comfortable with Yourself

Start with Being Comfortable with Yourself

Can we all agree that as time progresses, happiness is much harder to achieve? We are constantly bombarded with the perfect “it” girls. Let’s take a look at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show; every girl is skinny and gorgeous (I’m not saying they are the problem at all). It is hard not to wish that we were one of them. Our society is continually putting the flashlight on the prettiest, the most successful and the best-dressed women out there. However, have we thought about who is the judge behind all of those standards? Why should we judge ourselves with those standards?

What does it mean by being comfortable with yourself?

Being comfortable with yourself means you are ok with the way you look, and that you are confident and are filled with good self-esteem. The center of being comfortable is truly accepting yourself.

Learn to do what is good for you. For instance, in a corporate setting, there are numerous beautiful and successful women working together. It is easy to feel insecure with the way you dress, the way you look, or the way you speak. If you are not comfortable with yourself, you can find yourself envying others and wishing for what they have and pity yourself for what you do not have. It is an unhealthy mindset.

Unhealthy mindset is detrimental to many areas of your life.

An individual who is uncomfortable with herself will copy the way another individual dress without truly embracing or liking the style. That individual is only wearing that to gain approval from others — such an individual needs to learn how to embrace her unique personality.

Start with being comfortable with yourself.

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  1. Very true! Women of all ages need to read this, because we all need to come to terms with ourselves and love who we are. We are the worst judges of ourselves. You can admire someone’s style, but it has to be you as well. I heard a saying once that goes like this: “Don’t try to be anyone else, because you can’t. At best you will be a mediocre someone else, but you will be an excellent you!”

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