Be Memorable, But Know When to Stop

Be Memorable, But Know When to Stop

Fashion is the same!

I know nowadays it is harder to know where to draw the line between classy and sexy. It seems like the new classy is the sexiness people create. The more you reveal, the better you look. Well, ladies. Let me tell you. That shouldn’t be the case, especially in a corporate setting. Classy and professionalism have not changed that dramatically.

Like my previous post stated, women should not wear too many bracelets in a work setting because they create distractions and noise.

They make noise when your hands are moving. It is distracting in the middle of a meeting. Also, they are unprofessional in a work setting, period.

Also, your nail color. In a work setting, they should not be very bright such as a bright pink or black. It is not professional to wear bright or super dark colors. Normally, a natural or neutral color is accepted in a work setting.

I know this is stylish and pretty, but this is a NO in a corporate setting. They scream unprofessionalism.

If you can keep them looking nice and neat, yes girl. Do it. But, if you can’t keep your nails neat or have time to fix your chipped nail polish, leave them bare. It is totally ok to leave them the natural. It is more embarrassing to have chipped nail polish than bare.

Lastly, the length of your dress. Your dress should not be very tight and short. First, it is unprofessional. Second, it brings you the wrong attention that you are not seeking for. Third, you are there to work. It is not a night club. So dress for the occasion.

This dress is gorgeous. However, is it appropriate for a work setting? NO. Questions to help you know whether something is appropriate or not?

  • Will I be comfortable with this outfit if everyone is looking at my body instead of making eye contact with me?
  • How much of my body/curves are showing?

Use those questions as a guideline to help you dress more stylishly and yet still professional.

There is a line you can cross from being classy to trashy. So, don’t be that person who doesn’t know when to stop. You want to be remembered for being stylishly classy and professional.

2 Replies to “Be Memorable, But Know When to Stop”

  1. You are very right about all points. Advice like this is greatly needed for a younger workforce who don’t know how to be work place professional when their societal icons are all about glam life, but not real life.

  2. I agree with everything. I believe that coworkers in the work place will treat you according to how you present and dress yourself. If you dress respectfully others will respect you. When I worked I made sure to not wear any hanging jewelry, not just because it’s distracting, but because it’s a safety issue in construction and always made sure I had either white or light pink nail polish for the weekly meetings. It was rare for me to wear dresses because I would need to be prepared to go out to the construction site at a moments notice. When I did wear dresses it was very important that they were below the knees because there were mostly men in my office. Don’t want to send the wrong message, as you’ve said.

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