10 People Whom You Didn’t Think About Connecting With

10 People Whom You Didn’t Think About Connecting With

Most of the time, we don’t think about whom we can connect with to further our vision or goals. We believe that we have to tackle everything by ourselves and chase after our dreams by ourselves. However, today I am here to tell all of us that we really should stop this mentality because other people are happy to help and they can be an excellent resource for you and me.

Here are 10 people whom you never thought about connecting with, but they are excellent connections to have.

  1. Theresa Gargon – She is a professional model who helps women and men of all ages to improve their personal style.
  2. Amy Jackson – She has a lifestyle website called Fashion Jackson focusing on fashion, beauty and etc. She collaborates with Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, David Yurman and many more. She would be a great person to connect with to grow the common interest areas that you both are interested in.
  3. Amanda Miller Pollard – She runs her own fashion/beauty blog where she focuses on the little details of life. She has many connections which would be good to collaborate with.
  4. Jessi Afshin – She is a 26-year-old business owner who loves the little things in life and loves to explore life. She is highly interested in fashion and would be a great person to collaborate with.
  5. Helena – Born and raised in NYC, she knows a lot about fashion and is working in the fashion industry since she graduated. Putting outfits together excites her and is something she is passionate about. She loves partnering with people and brands to bring more awareness.
  6. Yang mi – She is a famous Chinese actress who is becoming more successful and more famous everyday. She has a great influence with what she wear. In China, people call her “with the goods queen,” which means anything she wears will be sold out immediately.
  7. Catriona Gray – She is the new Miss Universe 2018 who is a huge influencer on social media especially on Instagram. So, she would be a great person to collaborate with and bring more people to you and your social platform.
  8. Janice Zhang – She is a Chinese fashion designer studying at Parsons. She has a great amount of people following her on social media. She might not be someone whom you think about connecting with, but she would be a great person to reach out to and learn more about the fashion industry.
  9. Nicole Guerriero – She is a beauty blogger who loves animals. She collaborates with others to bring more brands she likes before others who might not otherwise have a chance to see. She loves make-up and fashion and would be a great person to talk to and learn from.
  10. Dorian Qi – He is an excellent photographer who is talented and fun to work with. Qi can be the person to collaborate with to show your face to the world and in the mean time, you can be a free advertisement for him as well. It is a win-win situation.

These five people I bet we never thought about collaborating with, but they can help you further your dreams and vision. They are lovely people to get to know if fashion is the area you are interested in. Don’t hesitate to reach out or just say hi.

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