How to Stay Fitted with a Busy Office Job

How to Stay Fitted with a Busy Office Job

I get it. It is hard to maintain a healthy schedule when you hold a job that requires so much of you. But hey, I am here to tell you that staying fitted doesn’t have to mean that you go to the gym three times the week. That might work for someone, but if you aren’t an early bird like me and who loves her beauty sleep, getting up early just to go to the gym will NOT work. 

I am here to tell ya that hitting the gym is not the only way to stay fitted. There are a few other things you could do to help you maintain a healthy life. 

How do you stay fitted with a busy office job?

A glass of very warm water when you wake up in the morning helps cleanse your body by flushing out toxins in your body. It improves your body by functioning better and keeps the digestive system on track. After a while, you can tell that your skin becomes smoother and glows more, but more importantly,  you will feel more energized 

A good breakfast. No, it doesn’t have to be a full table breakfast. A yogurt with some granola in the morning is better than having nothing. They say that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is true. Breakfast kick- starts your metabolism. It gives you the energy you need to start the day. Studies show that eating breakfast is good for healthy – better memory and concentration. It also lowers the chance of getting diabetes, heart diseases and control weight.

Doesn’t this look delicious? And you know what, this is not hard to make. Bread of your choice, fresh avocado, some salt with a little bit of olive oil. Done! You’ve got yourself some delicious and healthy breakfast.

These few tips are easy to follow and they can make a dramatic difference for your health and your life. Try it out and let me know what you think. I think you all will be surprised.


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