“Judging Yourself”

“Judging Yourself”

Happy Easter, everyone!

Hello my darlings, it is Easter weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating the One who is truly worth our celebration. Yes! His name is Jesus.

Jesus died in order for us to have a pathway to reconnect with the Father.

What Jesus did was unconditional love! He loves us in ways we might never be able to truly imagine, but what you can know for certain is with Him all things are possible, and through him, we are able to do great things.

An article I read written by Golden State of Mind specifically addresses the state of mind we are in and how we can improve them through different avenues. There is one particular blog that really resonated with me – Judging Yourself.

Created in His image, you are perfect!

I love the part where she said, “When we judge ourselves harshly we live in fear of failure.” I have personally experienced this word of wisdom the hard way. I remember I would judge myself so harshly that I was in a constant state of comparing myself to others who are better than me. Then I would think of all the terrible things about myself such as I am dumb, I am not good enough, I can never be like them… However, what I didn’t realize was the fact that they were at a different stage in life where I have not reached or experienced yet.

“When we judge ourselves harshly we live in fear of failure.”

Also, I love how this blog post inserted scriptures that are truly encouraging and loving. It brings me so much peace when I read them. It reminds me that I don’t have to constantly judging myself so harshly and that I am created in His image.

Go take a look when you can and I KNOW that you will be encouraged. Let me know what you think and leave a comment in the comment section.


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