4 Things You Should Include In Your Purse

4 Things You Should Include In Your Purse

Hello darlings, how’s life treating ya?

You are wondering about what this week’s blog is about. Well, let me tell ya.

This blog is designed to tell you what things you should bring in your purse that will minimize the time you spend in the morning to get ready. Sounds pretty good right? Who doesn’t like to sleep more.

I know it can be a hassle to get all nice and ready for your job or for college students like me whose school has a dress code, it is difficult. But don’t worry. I got you.

Before I dive into my blog

I want to be clear with something. This blog mostly works with those who do not wear a lot of make up. It is a sheer look they are going for, which can cut their getting ready time in half. If you are someone who likes to wear a heavier foundation and heavier make up, it will always take longer than those who do not.

There are 4 things you can bring with you in your purse that can cut your getting ready time in half.

4 things to include in your purse (sheer look)

Cushion Foundation – they are foundations that will give you a sheer look which looks like your natural skin, but color corrected and gives you a consistent color. They tend to be a little more wetter than regular foundation because they have the ability to moisturize your skin as well as color correction. There is not a particular brand I will recommend because it depends on your skin type and what brand you personally prefer. They are extremely easy to apply and can save you much time.

Eyebrow pencil – a perfect set of eyebrows can make a huge difference for your face. It completes your looks. If you know you are someone who do not wear a lot of make up or just simply don’t have time, bring that pencil with you if you didn’t have time to apply them at home.

Mascara – Your eyes are more open and bright with mascara on. Again, they are easy to use and do not take a lot of time.

Lipstick – Most of us love pink or rosy lips(I know I do and that is one of my weaknesses.) This is something you can for sure carry in your purse. Before you leave or on your way to work, you can use your cushion foundation as a mirror to apply your lipstick. Easy peasy and you are done!

These four things are very small and don’t take a lot of space within your purse. They are very useful not just for morning before you have to leave for work. You can use them throughout the day to check yourself if necessary.


2 Replies to “4 Things You Should Include In Your Purse”

  1. Maybe you could do a follow up blog about which makeup products you recommend. I actually just went to Sephora last weekend to get more bb cream so I have one for home, one for my diaper bag and one for my purse 😂

  2. Well I feel more prepared now since I’ve been carrying all 4 of those items on me and feel they are the makeup essentials. Only difference is for lipstick I just use Chapstick. I don’t have time for cute lipstick anymore lol

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